Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Solo Christmas

With Christmas time very near, it is time to do a little planning to keep the Christmas blues at bay. Single parents are very vulnerable at this time, when the kids rush off to Christmas day at the other parent home, and leave a vacuum in their wake. As much as you may look forward to the peace you see being yours that day, after the kids leave, if you haven't planned something special for yourself you can suddenly become a little lonely.

Start planning your lovely time now. A bath, fabulous meal, a movie (not sad), a great book. You may even concider accepting one of those offers of "drop in for a drink" to give you a focus, and interaction for the day.

Enjoy the day whatever you plan. But do plan. If you are looking for other ways to become happier as a single Mum take a look at The Spiritual Journey for Single Mothers.

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