Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Reasons to Meditate.

We know the obvious reason for meditation - to relax, to give our brain some chill out time. That is why many of us start, because we begin to notice just how active our thoughts are, and are looking for a bit of time out.

However, some of the things I am really interested in, is changing the way we think, and the things we think about so we can become happy. I don't beleive there is much space in our lives for new ideas, new concepts, positive dreams and goals, until we are able to reduce the negativety, and poor thought patterns that can make up so much of all that mental chatter.

It is here that meditation can be so beneficial, for through practicing quieting the mind, we learn to hear what is going on in our thoughts. The mind is no longer on automatic all the time. It is from here that we can start to make changes to how and what we think, which can bring about massive change in our lives.

Therefore, meditation can be a doorway to happiness, contentment, positivety.

Please leave a comment about how meditation has made a difference to you.

Check out Open Eyed Meditation for a really easy way to start meditation. Another form of meditation is Mindfulness, take this link to look at an excerpt from The Spiritual Journey Guide for Single Mothers which gives a description of Mindfulness.

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