Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flow Baby.

Does anyone else love that strange TV show Eli Stone? I think it just came about at the perfect time for me (the cricket season was on, and the ratings weren't) and gave me a lift each time I watched.

This weeks episode had a boy explain how much he enjoys swimming – that it is the only time he is not thinking, he is just there, of the moment. I think what he is expressing is what Daniel Goleman, in his book Emotional Intelligence – why it can matter more than IQ, calls 'flow'. This is a time when we are completely involved and engaged with an activety. To reach flow, we need to be doing something we enjoy and are good at, but at a level that takes our entire concentration. It may be knitting, but when you are working on a new pattern.
Perhaps, too, flow may be the same place expressed by Erckart Tolle in his book The Power of Now. The absense of thought of past or future, and a conscious absorbtion in the present moment.
I believe a great gateway to flow is through Art. I do mosaics, but am always trying something new with each project – new design, style, or tile.
Happiness could just be a case of recognising what creates flow for you, and actively choosing to give more time to its pursuit.
What creates flow for you?

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Rohan C. said...


Hope you don't think this is weird, and I know it's obviously out of context, but I was wondering whether I might have gone to high school with you at John Gardiner in Hawthorn? Was looking through some old school photos tonight and doing a bit of googleing and when I found your blog, thought your face looked very similar to the Paula Christie in my year 11 photo. We're same age, too, so figured it was worth a punt. Anyway,if I'm right, would be interested to know what you've been up to all these years. And if I'm wrong, apologies, but very interesting blog anyway!

Rohan C.